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Coal Classification Study


Botswana coal resources have been estimated to be 212 Billion tonnes in the previous reports. This tonnage included demonstrated (measured and indicated), inferred, hypothetical and speculative coal resources. BGI has embarked on a study to find the better estimates or tonnage of the demonstrated coal resources and classify the coal resource. Coal Exploration reports from previous and current exploration licenses were used as sources of information.

Calculation of coal resource tonnage will be based on the average coal seam thickness from strati-graphical logs, areal extent and coal Average relative density. Where an exploration company had undertaken extensive drilling and evaluated the tonnage of an area the results will be verified by re-calculating them. The project is ongoing and coal resources calculated from eight (8) blocks covering an area of 1346.21 Square Kilometres and so far 8.68 billion tonnes have been verified.

This project is concerned with the classification and quantification of coal in all the known coal field in Botswana by getting coal resources estimation data from previous and current exploration reports and other reliable data sources which are JORC, NI 43-101  and SAMREC compliant as they are mostly used locally, regionally and globally.


  • Classify  coal according to quantity, quality, depth and thickness
  • Update coal inventory
  • Improve quality of geological data, information & maps

Click here to download Coal Classification from Various Reports.