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Board and Management - Strategy Workshop
Board Strategy Session
Strategic Planning

The Financial Year 2022-23 marks the final lap of the first BGI Strategic Business Plan adopted in 2018 rolling for a period of five years.

The Board of Directors celebrates the success of developing this Strategic Business plan and have pledged its commitment individually and as a collective, to ensuring its effective implementation. As it builds on the first Plan, the board believes the new strategic plan is agile and focused on supporting a vigorous and thriving Geoscience organisation.

This Strategic Business Plan, developed during the discomfort and effects of COVID-19 across nation states and businesses, has taken in to account the shrinking financial muscle of the shareholder against the increasing demands of mineral commodities. Having realised this, BGI aims to improve the Mineral prospectivity of Botswana by undertaking projects that will attract foreign direct investment in the Botswana Mining industry.  As the institutes accelerates its baseline explorations, there is expectation that this will receive a corresponding advanced exploration with bankable feasibility studies and opening of new mines.

This Plan has been tested against the Botswana Government Reset and Reclaim Agenda, the Ministry of Mineral and Energy Strategic Plan, Botswana National Vision 2036 and Sustainable Development Goals.

This accomplishment, gives assurance that the establishment of BGI with a prime function of research in the field of geoscience and to compile national inventories of geological resources and information is in the right direction. We now speak with conviction that the ambition of reviving the practice of geological survey and position BGI as a significant creator of wealth and improve the life of Botswana citizens is on the correct path.

The newly defined Institute’s Strategic focus areas are, Geoscience Research and Knowledge Management, harnessing the role of Collaborations and Partnership; enhancing the current Operating Model and exploring robust avenues for funding for sustainability.

The Institute expects to rollout this business plan at the beginning of 2023/24 Financial Year commencing April 01.