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BGI was established in 2014 through the Act of Parliament, Botswana Geoscience Institute, No 29 of 2014. However, the Institute started its operation in earnest in June 2017 following approval of organisational structure and other necessary tools to operate.

BGI is neither a school nor a college. It is a corporate body mandated to undertake research in the field of geosciences and provide specialised geoscientific services, and is a custodian of geoscience information. BGI is responsible for promoting the search for and exploration of any mineral in Botswana and is an advisory body in respect to of geohazards and for matters incidental thereto.

BGI is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of eight (8) Non-Executive Directors. The Chief Executive Officer is an Ex- Officio Member of the Board. BGI Board, subject to predefined limits, has delegated its executive authority to the Executive Committee, (EXCO), headed by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Our National Geoscience Information Centre has all Reports including Annual Reports. The Latest Annual Report is here available under Publications sub-menu.

BGI, as a Parastatal is financed by Government of Botswana through an annual subvention in line with the Institutes needs in line with its Strategic Plan. The Institute is able to generate additional funds through projects and sale of services such as Geoscience Data/Information and Laboratory services.