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Botswana Geoscience Institute Launches a Borehole Portal - BoreHive

Botswana Geoscience Institute (BGI) is pleased to present to you the Borehole Information System (BIS). This Portal,,  avails all Borehole information online to the general public.

The System, called BoreHive, is a milestone of the Institute pursuant to its Strategic Plan (2018-23) goal of aiming to collate, package, enhance and avail 100% of Botswana geoscience information online.

It is also an enormous step that contributes to the success of the Institute’s Mission of, Creating Economic Value through Advancing, Promoting and Disseminating Geoscientific Knowledge for the benefit of Botswana and Global Partners.

The information contained in this database has been acquired from various sources including reports and records from prospecting license companies, mining companies, farmers, Department of Water and Sanitation as well as Botswana Geoscience Institute.

As the information is from independent sources, it has been captured as submitted and therefore BGI does not take responsibility for its accuracy and correctness. Users are therefore asked to exercise their judgment when making decisions based on the information.

Further, in this Portal, the public is urged to not that, Boreholes preceded by "Z" are Privately Owned while those preceded by "BH" are owned by Government of Botswana.

For any enquiries regarding application, acquisition or verifications related to Water Boreholes, the public should contact the Department of Water and Sanitation.

Enquiries regarding this information should be directed to BGI Information Systems Unit Click Here to submit your enquiries.